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Friday Evening Music at Tent City

03/11/2016 06:00 PM

@ Progressive Peninsula CHS
171 Church St., Ste. 160

Friday Evening Music at Tent City

Music will go out from the Sentinals of Solidarity Community Support presence at Tent City on Friday night, March 11 from 6 to 10 pm. A few members of Lowcountry Up is Good and their friends are going to bring out their instruments and play a bit. It isn’t going to be Woodstock, but you’ll get a chance to hear some of the songs Woodie Guthrie composed in the struggling hobo camps of the Great Depression, Motzart and some protest music. We should have a keyboard so you can step up and get some use out of all those piano lessons Mom made you take. We hope there will be some sing alongs. Everyone’s welcome up to 50 people (the legal limit for an unpermitted gathering) so it should be a nice, fun gathering for all. Please bring a folding chair, a flashlight and your own food and drink. No alchohol or drugs please. The local police will be watching it, so we’ll put on a nice, safe legal show. We’ll be recording for OHM radio if the gear works. You can reach tent city on the Asphalt Path running North from under the overpass at Huger Street across from Palmetto Brewing Company.

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