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The Tent City Memorial Quilt

04/03/2016 01:00 PM

@ Progressive Peninsula CHS
171 Church St., Ste. 160

The Tent City Memorial Quilt

As Tent City is dismantled and the struggling community there faces disbursal, it's important to preserve the memories of the people who lived there and tried to make better lives for themselves in the face of staggering challenges.

Julia Hamilton is heading a project for the Yellow Brick Road Coalition and Lowountry Up is Good PAC to produce a memorial quilt remembering the citizens of Tent City.

Please gather discarded clothing, tents, and fabric from the encampments in and near Tent City and deliver it to the project at either the offices of Up is Good at 171 Church Street, Ste 160 or the Hamilton home at 32 Sowell Street, Mt. Pleasant, SC (In I'On). Colorful, patterned or decorted fabrics will contribute to the meaning of the quilt.

Fabrics will be laundered and preserved for the use of crafts people to create the quilt which will be displayed at public events and used as a bed cover in the Tiny House Fit for a King. Fabrics should be bundled in a sheet, cloth bag or paper bag. They should not be delivered in a sealed plastic bag since this allows them to midew and go sour.

Julia Hamilton is looking for experience quilters to assist in putting the quilt together. For more information see, http://www.yellowbrickroadcoalition.org/quilt_text.html or call (843) 870-3634.

For information on the effort to create Tiny House Villages of Affordable housing in the Lowcountry see www.lowcountryupisgood.com or call William Hamilton (843) 870-5299.

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