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Force Concepts and Applications Course

01/28/2017 08:00 AM

@ Shoot Logic, LLC
1487 Edisto River Rd

Force Concepts and Applications Course

The problem with target practice, square range training drills, tactical range training and, even competitive shooting, is that it does little to recreate the adrenaline dump, fear, and loss of fine motor skills one is likely to experience in a real life conflict. Simunition® FX® Technology lets the student get away from the "square range" and static targets, and experience the world's most realistic and effective interactive training system. Simunition® FX® Technology makes possible for students to experience force-on-force scenarios where participants can safely fire FX® marking cartridges at one another.

Advantages of training with SIMUNITION® Technology
1. The FX® Marking Cartridge has the ability to validate personal firearms defense training.
2. It will quickly point out conflict between reality and myth.
3. It will quickly point to equipment selection and training shortcomings.
4. Allows safe firearms skills development.
5. Functions and loads just like conventional ammunition. There are no artificialities like paint ball, etc.
6. Ammunition malfunctions can be created to enhance training capabilities.
7. "Impact Awareness", and the subsequently induced stress, adds unparalleled realism to interactive training

Valid SC CWP or, Military Police, Law Enforcement, Private Security Credentials.
THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER LEVEL BASIC PISTOL CLASS. Participants should have a basic understanding of defensive firearms skills, Malfunction Clearance, Tactical and Emergency Reloads and, be well versed in Laws related to Justifiable Use of Force.
This is a dynamic and physically demanding course of Instruction! Superficial impact injuries are likely when using Simunition!
Instructors reserve the right to include, or exclude, students based on a demonstration of skill, or for any other reason deemed necessary by the Instructor.

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