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CTT Solutions Covert Carry

04/29/2017 08:30 AM

@ Shoot Logic, LLC
1487 Edisto River Rd

CTT Solutions Covert Carry

2-Day Covert Carry Course
The CTT-Solutions covert pistol program is designed to exercise and refine the skills necessary to access and effectively use a concealed handgun with a high level of speed and efficiency day or night. This course is based upon training I received at 1st SFOD-D, provided to the Federal Air Marshal Service while I was the head range instructor at the FAMS school, the chief in-service instructor at the Seattle Field office of the FAMS, taught and used during protection operations in Iraq and refined for a course recently taught to high level SOF assets prior to high threat deployment. Students will be required to use the same gun and holster throughout the entire course. Time will be allotted in the first day to identify the best type, location and wear of holster and associated equipment. The remainder of the course will be dedicated to making the use of the weapon from that configuration rapid, sure and effective. Although courses of fire will go out as far as 50m, the bulk will be multiple partially obscured targets with multiple shots per target at 03-15m.
The course is designed to safely make you an extremely competent legal concealed handgun carrier (civilian, military or law enforcement) and give a foundation of drills and concepts for you to maintain your skills at your own range. Tactics will revolve around awareness and avoidance with shooting always being the last resort.
Topics covered:
– Safety
– Carry options
– Day and Low Light Marksmanship
– Weapons Handling
– Malfunctions
– Multiple targets at short range (surgical)
– Personal and family response to public threat and active shooter events
– Flashlight techniques
Equipment details and more are available on the CTT Solutions website (Click Here)

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