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Handgun 301

04/01/2017 08:00 AM

@ Shoot Logic, LLC
1487 Edisto River Rd

Handgun 301

Course Description
 Handgun 301 is designed to exercise existing skills and intelligently approach a deeper understanding of “the application of the fundamentals of marksmanship on demand.” THIS IS NOT A BASIC SHOOTING COURSE. As always, this course is fundamentally grounded and marksmanship intensive. This course will assist the shooter in developing methods necessary to survive a lethal force encounter. Students will learn; how to engage from unconventional positions, target discrimination, proper use of cover and concealment and, complications associated with shooting with an elevated heart rate. Natural body movements, speed, efficiency, and the concept of “proprioception” will be enhanced through advanced drills that encourage a thought process and, intelligent comprehension of the reason behind the action. Students are encouraged to think critically and openly discuss concepts. Students should already possess the ability to competently and safely, load, reload, draw, and clear their own stoppages before they attend this course. Students must satisfactorily participate and, pass several graded courses of fire to successfully complete this course of instruction.
This course is recommended for:
Law Enforcement Officers, or Military personnel, who are looking to master the skills necessary to survive a gunfight.
The student who competes or, wants to become a competitive shooter, and increase their cognitive ability to shoot with a plan.
The student that would like to test their current skills and shooting ability by testing themselves under various shooting conditions.
The student looking to evaluate and test their own practices, conceptions or, related material learned from other Instructors.

What to bring
Reliable handgun (revolver or pistol)
4-5 magazines or speedloaders/strips
250 rounds (minimum) factory new ammunition
strong side hip holster
sturdy gunbelt
appropriate range attire (no open toe shoes or sandals, no lowcut tops)
bug spray, sunscreen, and a small towel is recommended. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.
Bag Lunch and snacks.
Students must meet one or more of the following:
Possess a SC CWP and
​ have successfully compled Pistol 201
be active Law Enforcement or Military
possess a Competitive Shooting Ranking
have attended a class taught by a reputable and recognized Manufacturer or Training Organization, or an approved equivalent. Documentation will be required.

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