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Cherny for Congress

164 Market St, # 197
Charleston,  SC 29401

Phone: (843) 633-3396

Cherny for Congress

My name is Dimitri Cherny and I'm running to replace Mark Sanford in Congress. I'm very concerned about the corrupting influence big money - billionaire money - is having on our politics, our government, our businesses and the bleak future it forebodes for our kids and grandkids. After a long successful career in the high-tech industry, followed by a fall into homelessness and then truck driving after the great recession, I studied economics and learned that the free-market is not a law of nature. The free-market is a game with rules that we-the-people determine via legislation created by our elected representatives. I want to make America the place where we ARE our brother's keeper - where we ensure that every American, regardless of the advantages they were born with or without, with forty hours a week of doing ANY job, can live a comfortable, safe and fulfilling life without fear of financial failure from unforeseen medical expenses, college debts, or off-shoring of their job. I want to make America into a country where people are less interested in becoming obscenely wealthy and are more interested in doing good and leaving a hopeful future for our kids and grandkids. That's why I'm running as a Democrat for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District - the Lowcountry's seat in the US House of Representatives. Join my fight for Economic Justice for ALL of us and leave our kids and grandkids a better world.

Dimitri Cherny was the 2016 proud Progressive candidate for Congress in SC-01, running to replace Mark Sanford, and will be the candidate again in 2018.

The role of government is to ensure the long-term prosperity and advancement of civilization, not the short-term enrichment of a handful of well-connected people. I want to help get America onto a sustainable track that provides better opportunities for c

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Founded: January 13th, 2016

Categories: Political Organization

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