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American Government

71 Vanderhorst St
Charleston,  SC 29403

Phone: (864) 561-0541

"When a covenant is made, then to break it is unjust; and the definition of injustice, is no other than the not performance of covenant." - Hobbes

Under this precept, the government "of the people, for the people, and by the people" becomes unjust when it allows institutions to supplant man's position, as subject of a covenant, and posits itself in his stead and thereby assuming man's rights, as its own, is a perversion of his sacrifice, is a violation of the social contract and is by breech of trust nullified.

At the heart of all social contracts, is the established belief that a commonwealth is for the advancement, protection, and subsistence of life.

To develop an open forum to discuss to make better our "imperfect union."

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